About Brasounds

The Brazilian music essence: its voices and unique rhythms


Brasounds is a company based in Barcelona, oriented to the Brazilian music and culture and its interaction with the world.

We offer high-quality Brazilian music for events and contribute to the development, growth and management of new artists in addition to working with content production.

Brasounds works with artists who interpret the essence of Brazilian music such as Ramiro Pinheiro, Esdras Nogueira, Marcus Moraes, Alma Brasileira, Gafieira Miúda and Duo Brasil.

Private events

Brazilian music includes a wide spectrum of genres, capable of crossing borders, attracting an incredible variety of tastes, raising spirits and speaking to audiences of all ages.

The events of Brasounds convey to their audiences the warmth and sunlight of Brazil through performances full of rhythm and beautiful melodies. With solo, duet, trio, quartet, quintet or septet formations that pass through Samba-Jazz, Bossa Nova, Choro, MPB and Samba, Brasounds becomes the ideal choice for any event.