The great Brazilian composers in an intimate and vigorous concert at one time

Ana Luiza (voice) and Thomas Howard (acoustic guitar) present TEMPORAL: an intimate, delicate and vigorous concert, which explores the work of renowned Brazilian composers along with songs created by the duo and themes without lyrics, in which the voice is added as an instrument to the guitar.

In the repertoire, songs from Tom Jobim, Baden Powell, Paulinho da Viola, Ernesto Nazareth, Jackson do Pandeiro and João Bosco.

Among the songs chosen from their authorial repertoire are “Desalento”, born from a poem by Ana Luiza published in her poetry book “Rubra” and set to music by Howard, and “Temporal”, which names the project: an instrumental theme written by the musician to what the singer has added some lyrics.

With its set list, TEMPORAL does not intend to be reduced to a celebration of Brazilian music or to be an overview of its main genres, composers or performers; rather, it is linked to what each theme has evoked in the artists and to what they want to make resonate in the public: the rhythmic strength of a groove, the lyricism of a melody, the poetic depth of some lyrics or the finesse of a harmony.

Photo Credit: Sergio Funari

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