A song with a “gacuho” accent but with the intention of being universal

“Among the great crop of musicians who landed in Rio de Janeiro, mainly in Lapa, in search of experiencing the effervescence that the renewed bohemian neighborhood harbored from the turn of the 1990s to the 2000s, an accordionist emerged from the south of the country. Unique. Alessandro “Bebê” Kramer, or simply Bebe Kramer, brought in his baggage, in addition to the most popular instrument in those parts, a musical baggage of the frontier, of intercultural dialogue, and regional rhythms. And more, a rare ability to absorb knowledge, to recognize beauty in the new. And that accompanied him on his wanderings alongside musicians like Yamandu Costa, Hermeto Pascoal, Carlos Malta, Toninho Horta, Hamilton de Holanda and others.”

By João Pimentel

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The “Bebe Kramer Quartet” project was born when Kramer went to Rio de Janeiro, when he met guitarist Sergio Valdeos and mandolinist Luis Barcelos. Already a partner of Guto Wirtti (acoustic bass) for some years, Kramer decided to bring these musicians together for an instrumental music project, which brings elements of Southern music, choro and Latin American music.

The result of this beautiful work is recorded in the album entitled “Bebe Kramer Quarteto” released in 2017 and which was awarded the nomination for the Brazilian Music Award in 2018, in the instrumental category, competing with Hamilton de Holanda and Hermeto Pascoal.

With the departure of Sergio Valdeos to Switzerland, Bebe’s longtime partner, guitarist Paulinho Fagundes, enters the scene, and with this new formation, the Quartet has performed on several stages in Brazil, being recognized as a new trend in music. Brazilian instrumental music.

Formed by gaucho musicians based in Rio de Janeiro, they merged gaucho music with the music that is made in the Southeast and also with northeastern music, which is very present in both Rio and São Paulo. A song with a gaucho accent but with the intention of being universal. In his repertoire, in addition to his own compositions, he honors composers from Rio Grande do Sul and reveres other composers.

Among the presentations of “Bebe Kramer Quinteto”, we highlight: Lençóis Jazz and Blues Festival at Teatro Arthur Azevedo – São Luís/MA in March/2022 and Festival FIBRA, Feb/2022 at Teatro Prudential (RJ). From “Bebe Kramer Quartet”, we highlight: Fartura Brasil October/2021 online; BH Instrumental Series November/2020 online; Lençóis Jazz and Blues Festival, 08/17/2019 in São Luís/ MA; Theatro Pedro II, Ribeirão Preto/ SP in February/2019;; Whorkshop with Bebe Kramer Quartet in the Great Hall of the Historical Museum of Itajaí – Conservatory of Popular Music of Itajaí/SC on 10/08/2018, Teatro Álvaro de Carvalho Oct/2018 Florianópolis/ SC; Cena Musical Program – TV Brasil June/2017; Instrumental Wednesdays – Espaço Cultural BNDES – RJ in April/2017 and Sesc Pompéia in July/2017.

In 2021, the Bahian percussionist Marco Lobo joins the group, who brings a luggage from another side of the country, along with all his experience with great artists around the world, integrating the quintet with Bebe Kramer (Accordion), Luis Barcelos (Mandolin) , Guto Wirtti (acoustic bass) and Pedro Franco (guitar).

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