“Chamber Bossa” sees no borders between classical music, bossa nova and Brazilian choro

Gustavo Tavares, Nelson Faria and Rodolfo Cardoso, all three considered today among Brazil`s finest musicians, blend their varied musical experiences in an unique trio. “Chamber Bossa” is both the name of their newest recording project as well as a musical statement that sees no boundaries between classical music, bossa nova and Brazilian choro. Cellist Gustavo Tavares has been described as “one of the most important Brazilian names in the classical music of our time” (Correio Braziliense 3.27.2005), and guitar player Nelson Faria was called “Brazil`s answer to Joe Pass” by a critic in the Swedish newspaper Smålandsposten (2.5.2007). Together with Rodolfo Cardoso, a rare percussionist with a vast experience both with top Brazilian orchestras as well as popular singers, the three musicians form an extraordinary group that defies traditional categorisations. United by a friendship that started already as adolescents at the same conservatory in Brazil, this is an ensemble that combines the refinement and rigour of chamber music with the spontaneity and playfulness of improvisation. “Chamber Bossa” is available for concerts, solo performances with chamber and symphony orchestras, clinics and workshops.

Since Bossa Nova first appeared in the late 1950`s, its refined harmonies, delicate rhythms and intimate atmosphere have fascinated as well as influenced a great number of musicians, both in Brazil and abroad. Often associated with the idea that in music “less is more”, Bossa Nova was itself the result of a process where musicians in Brazil refined and redefined some of the elements that have formed and influenced the music of the country. A “bossa nova” can be loosely translated from Portuguese as a “new way” or a “new trend”, and “Chamber Bossa” is not only a tribute to this musical genre but also a search for some of the elements that have influenced and been mixed together in this fascinating “new trend”.

Photo Credit: Nelsinho Faria

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