A colorful sound and a multifaceted repertoire brings the fusion of Brazilian rhythms to the textures of samplers and synthesizers.

Iria Braga dresses up, sheds her skin, feeds on her own emotions and takes them to the stage in the form of music, a scene. Thus was born IRIDESCENTE. The artist’s new album and show brings a sound and multifaceted color that is different from her first CD. Between acoustic and electronic instruments, and the fusion of Brazilian rhythms to the textures of samplers and synths, Iria presents an authorial repertoire in which she signs several compositions.

Iridescence, in addition to alluding to the artist’s name, is a phenomenon that reflects the colors of the rainbow on certain surfaces, popularly known as “iridescence”; According to Caetano Veloso, “people are there to shine, not to die of hunger”. Poetically inspired by these contexts, the lyrics have an existentialist profile and talk about assuming one’s own identity in a contemporary world full of challenges, about the multiple ways of being that inhabit us, about love and life.

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Iria Braga is a Brazilian artist, black woman, singer, songwriter, actress and producer. Iria is the daughter of numerous experiences in art. Experience that contributed to the construction of a solid, authentic and versatile work. With a career of twenty-six years, Iria owns an expressive voice, which brings references to Brazilian popular music, bossa nova, traditional rhythms and jazz, including elements of theater in this sophisticated mix, making her show very performative.

In addition to training in theater and music, she hosted the TV programs “É-Cultura” and “Palco”, on a Brazilian state channel. His first solo CD “Iria Braga” was released in 2013. The work was presented in concert tours in Brazil and Argentina. With the aim of expanding and promoting her art and generating creative partnerships, she has been creating international bridges. She has performed in countries such as France, Chile, Argentina, Spain and the USA. After a stay in New York, she is currently preparing for the release and tour of her next album.

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