An unusual formation with a peculiar sound of modern brazilian instrumental music

The Brazilian instrumental music group Mano a Mano Trio develops a work that values Brazilian music through a repertoire of recognized works from the popular songbook and from the modern aspects of music. Formed by Sérgio Albach (clarinet), Glauco Sölter (double bass) and Vina Lacerda (percussion), the group presents an unusual formation with a peculiar sound, distinguishing itself by the elaborate arrangements mixed with improvisation. This proposal aims to carry out a show in honor of one of the most important musicians in the history of Brazilian music, João Bosco. The Mano a Mano Trio was at the side of this great artist in concerts and in the recording of a DVD, which marked the trajectory of the group. For the group to get ready to play alongside João Bosco, months of rehearsals were needed in a true immersion in the composer’s work. This research resulted in the preparation of a series of songs specially rearranged by the Trio. Part of this repertoire has not yet been presented to the European public, awaiting the opportunity of an event that could honor the artist by showing João Bosco’s songs arranged for an instrumental trio.

Photo Credit: Sérgio Albach

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